Benefits of a UK Subsidiary

There are a number of reasons why setting up a limited company in the UK makes businesses boom. Many overseas entrepreneurs have chosen to start up in the UK, the decreasing corporate tax rates is only one of the benefits.

There are actually no requirements for a company to have their trading activities located within the UK. This means you can join many other successful businesses that are now UK incorporated but are controlled from all over the world. Here’s another four reasons why you should set up base in the UK:

Quick and Easy Process

The company formation process in the UK is made as simple as possible for entrepreneurs. You can incorporate your company in just a matter of hours, after you provide your details and wait for Companies House to approve. So, there’s no need to be in the UK to register your company, it’s all done online. If you are interested in incorporating your company, please see our personalised Company Formation service for further details.

Most Common Language

The United Kingdom has a long history for being an established commercial gateway to business people from various backgrounds. The most common English language mixed with an advanced service industry is what truly makes the UK a popular choice to establish a business today. Setting up a UK subsidiary will only bring new customers, and potential partners, just what you need to internationalize. Everyone is welcome, so let your business success speak for itself.

The European Window

As part of the EU, for the next two years at least, trading inside Europe through a British born company is much easier than from outside Europe. For instance, the import of goods is much easier to administrate. Our Non-Resident package is specially made for business owners based abroad who want to expand their customer reach. Despite Brexit, the UK is geographically well placed as a world-wide business base.

Prestigious Appearance

As the business area of Birmingham, our Jewellery Quarter office address looks great on letterheads. You could be one of many making the most our address to enhance the appearance of your company for potential clients. Also, marketing a UK based start-up may be so much easier for you when trying to go big with your business. You can visit our website for more information about the prestigious business address we provide here.

In addition, we offer a Business Consultation to fulfill all your business needs.

Whether you already have an international operation or it is your first venture overseas, we can explain the issues and develop a business plan tailored to your needs. With our office located in the UK, we are ideally placed to provide support and guidance that you need to establish successful operations.

For any assistance please contact Companies999, we will be happy to help you!

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