Salary vs Dividends: Non-Tax Factors

Salary vs Dividends – how much is too much? Non-Tax Factors revealed. 

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If you want to withdraw money from your company, there are various other non-tax factors that you need to consider.

Not sure how much income to withdraw from your company? Here’s five factors for every business owner:

  •  Dividend Payout

If you pay yourself a large sum of money (e.g. a bonus or dividend), it can negatively affect the company to successfully continue business operations.

  • Company Insolvency

Dividends should not be declared once the company is insolvent or if dividend payments result in company insolvency.

  • Low Profit

A payment of a large salary or bonus will not only reduce company profits but also affect the company’s ability to borrow.

  • Ability to Borrow

If you follow a small salary, big dividends tax plan then there is a possibility this will affect your ability to borrow money.

There are two ways lenders will deal with you:

  1. Some will only be interested in your salary and so ignore dividends.
  2. Some will only be interested in your most recent tax returns and accounts to see if you can repay loans.
  • Share Value

Just so you are aware, a dividend that steadily increases over the years may well enhance the share value.

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We have created several posts surrounding the small salary, big dividends tax planning technique including potential dangers, non-tax factors and National Insurance for further reading here.

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Salary vs Dividends: Potential Dangers

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