Salary vs Dividends: National Insurance

Salary versus Dividends – National Insurance – does age matter? 

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Every business wants to make as much money as possible, so to pay yourself the most tax efficient mix of salary and dividends is a desired plan of action. The Salary versus Dividends strategy is therefore a popular tax planning technique for all company owners and directors, regardless of age.

However, National Insurance is one tax matter that can prove a difference.

Younger Directors

Nowadays, you can become a Company Director over the age of 16. Once you turn 16 you also become subject to employee’s National Insurance. However, for young directors under the age of 21, there is no employer’s national insurance payable on your salary. Unless, your salary exceeds the higher-rate threshold, currently £46,350, in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. This means, you will have to pay 40% tax on any amounts above £46,350 to £150,000. For those that live in Scotland, you will have to pay the higher-rate band of £41% tax on amounts above £43,430 to £150,000.

Older Directors

For a Company Director over the State Pension age, there is no employee’s national insurance payable on your salary. Your State Pension age is calculated from your gender and date of birth, you can check your State Pension age here. However, Employer’s National Insurance is still payable for older directors. As as word of advice, if you have other income for example, a state pension, please do consider it when deciding how much salary to pay yourself. In most cases, if employer’s national insurance is payable, past experiences have shown a lower salary is more tax efficient than a higher salary.

How do I receive National Insurance Free salaries?

A Company Director can receive a substantial salary with no National Insurance payable at all if they match the following categories:

  • The Company Director is over the State Pension age
  • The Company Director has spare Employment Allowance

Employment Allowance: Employers can have a reduction of up to £3,000 a year off their National Insurance. To see how you can claim Employment Allowance, please click here.

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