HMRC’s New advisory Fuel Rates

HMRC updated its advisory fuel rates (AFRs) for fuel costs when using company cars from 1st September 2018 onwards. If you wish you can continue to use the old rates (shown in brackets in the table below) until 30th September 2018.

Engine size Petrol per mile LPG per mile Diesel per mile
Up to 1,400cc 12p (11p) 7p (7p)
1,401cc to 2,000cc 15p (14p) 9p (9p)
Up to 1,600cc 10p (10p)
1,601cc to 2,000cc 12p (11p)
Over 2,000cc 22p (22p) 13p (14p) 13p (13p)

Tip: If you don’t think the new AFR is accurate enough, you can work out and use your own rates instead, but keep a good record of how you calculated them in case HMRC asks questions.

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