Filing your Tax Return on time – Tips from HMRC

The deadline for submitting a 2017/18 tax return in paper format is

31st October 2018

If you miss this deadline you can still dodge a financial penalty by sending your form electronically by no later than 31st January 2019. If you intend to submit your return electronically for the first time and haven’t set up HMRC’s online services, it has recently published updated guidance on how to do it.

You must first create a Government Gateway user ID and password. This takes no more than a minute online, but you can do it by post if you prefer. The Gateway gives you access to various services including those provided by HMRC. When you have your Gateway access visit HMRC’s web page for self-assessment and register to submit your return online.

To summarize, the deadline for submitting your 2017/18 self-assessment return in paper format is 31st October. If you miss it you can dodge a penalty by submitting your return online by 31st January 2019.

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