Our New Services for all Businesses

Companies999 aspire to assist all business owners no matter their type of business structure. We would therefore like to announce our new range of services and products now available for all business owners.

NEW Business Packages

  • Limited By Guarantee: For non-profit organisations, such as clubs, associations and memberships. Rather than the company’s turnover going to profits or to shareholders, it is instead re-invested into the company. We offer standard and bespoke services for LBG companies including key features such as the exemption of the word ‘limited’ in the company name as well as the use of sensitive words e.g. ‘Trust’ and ‘Society’ in the company name, and many more!


  • Limited Liability PartnershipFor two or more professionals such as doctors, solicitors or construction companies who would usually operate as a partnership, but want the benefits of Limited Liability Protection. This service will provide you with official digital and printed company documents including Certificate of Incorporation, LLP Agreement and Memorandum and Articles of Association.


  • Public Limited CompanyFor medium to large companies, hoping to offer their shares on the London stock exchange, this is a great way to acquire share capital for the company, through new and existing investors. This service will provide you with official digital and printed company documents including Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association.


  • Flat ManagementFor multiple residents wishing to jointly manage a block of flats as a group of directors and shareholders. A Flat Management is a company limited by shares, however we customise this package with Bespoke Memorandum and Articles of Association. This document states the regulations the company must operate under as well as having the sections specific to a Flat Management Company.


  • CharityAny UK Charitable Company is formed as an LBG (Limited by Guarantee) Company, however, UK Charities have some specific requirements they must adhere to. We offer you our Charity Package inclusive of everything necessary for registration as a charitable company. A Charity is a Limited by Guarantee company created purely ‘For the Public Benefit’. Any surplus income the company generates will be reinvested into the business, and solely towards business goals.


  • ContractorsFor Contractors, Freelancers and Consultants looking to work in the UK, this package contains the formation of your limited company, as well as a registered office and VAT registration. It is the perfect plan to ensure financial protection and a professional boost for your business. This package will provide you with official digital and printed company documents including Certificate of Incorporation, Share Certificates and Memorandum and Articles of Association.

NEW Business Stationary

Blue Company Seal: 

A traditional plier style company seal with it’s own protective wallet. This device will enable you to certify your important documents with an official company seal, showcasing your company name and number. 

Brass Name Plate:

A professionally engraved Polished Brass name plate (150mm x 75mm). This name plate will elegantly showcase your company name to be proudly displayed in the office or home, easily fixed to a door or wall.

Company Register:

A stylish, gold embossed, hard back loose leaf company register. This register contains full sections, for minutes, share allocations, register of all company members as well as a set of share certificates and board minutes.

If you are interested in any of these services or products you can see more information and prices over on our website now.

For any assistance contact Companies999, we will be happy to help you!

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